News From Newark DE As The New Year Quickly Approaches

What is going on in New Castle County? There is always news in Newark, especially with the University of Delaware being there. Did you know that the university in Newark is usually one of the ten top universities in the country? It is time to see what’s going on in Newark NJ.

There was a fire on Christmas night that destroyed two homes. The fire happened in Sussex County. You don’t want to hear about fires anytime of the year, but it is especially bad if you hear about fires at Christmastime. The fires were said to cause over $500k in damages. Let’s see if there is a more positive story in the Newark news.

In other news, a cat was missing for three years and returned to its family. How cool is that? The cat’s name is Raja, and that is a heartwarming story for sure. There is also a news story about barbers that held a coat drive in order to provide coats for people in need. And there is a story about a boy that started a toy drive for children that are in the hospital.

Then there is the news headline about the teen that raised money for a police K-9 unit, to provide bulletproof vests for them. It’s back to the tragic headlines for a moment though now. There was a vigil being held in Wilmington for a murder victim, and a man that attended the vigil was shot and killed.

That’s a tragic headline, and another one is about a man that got off a DART bus and ended up getting hit by a car. There were also counterfeit items seized at Dover Mall. That’s all your news from Newark for now folks, and of course there were some headlines from
across Delaware, too.