Know Delaware By Its Attractions And Top Things To Do

When you get up there in the northeastern United States, there are so many special places, many of them smaller. Of course, some of those smaller areas can be quite congested. The northeast is known for being really clean, picturesque, especially in certain parts. Delaware is one of those unique states. One way you can get to know the state much better is by looking at the attractions and things to do there. Do you know the major cities in Delaware?

One of them is Dover, but there are certainly others. When it comes to the attractions and thing to do, the Air Mobility Command Museum is #1. A picture of an old war plane greeted me when I saw the listing, and so that was interesting. Then the #2 attraction is Cape Henlopen State Park, which provides you with a beautiful beach. You’re going to find out quickly that nature is a huge part of what makes Delaware so special.

In such a beautiful place, wouldn’t a nice ferry ride seem appropriate? You can take a ferry ride at Cape May, Lewes Ferry. Looking at the picture of the next top attraction, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anything as beautiful. It’s the Winterthur Museum Garden and Library. Winterthur is also the location in Delaware. It’s important to know the locations of these attractions so you can visit them. The Ferry and State Park are in Lewes, and the Air Mobility Command Museum is in none other than Delaware.

Have you heard of Rehoboth Beach? I had heard this name, but I didn’t know the beach was in Delaware. This is the site of Gordon’s Pond, which is another top ranked attraction. Do you feel like you’re getting to learn a little bit about the state of Delaware now? This next place makes me think it would be fun, and well, fun is in the name. It’s called Funland of all things, and it’s naturally going to be a great place for families.

Rehoboth Beach has a Boardwalk, and then you have Bethany Beach as well. Delaware is a beautiful state, full of places to visit and things to see. There is even an eating or food tour that you can take at Rehoboth Beach. As you might be able to tell, that could be the place I pick first to visit if I vacationed in Delaware.